Sugar Cube Tooth And What To Do About It

Sweet Tooth or Salty Tooth?

Salt Lake City, UT is now leading the country in need of emergency dental services. With all of its delicious street desserts, it’s no surprise that everyone from children to adults are experiencing tooth aches. If you think that’s bad, it’s gotten to the point where people are actually having to get teeth pulled in emergency, life or death situations! The painful epidemic is spiraling out of control and drastic measures need to be taken! What happens is that after eating these sugary street treats, people’s teeth begin to turn to sugar cubes one by one. It’s being called ‘Sugar Cube Tooth,’ and is said to be extremely painful and embarrassing. It’s something you can’t avoid without the emergency dental services provided only in Salt Lake City, Utah. By clicking this link; you can book your emergency appointment today!

Prescribing Protection

The reason for this public announcement is to inform you of the necessary, precautionary measures that need to be taken to avoid this otherwise unavoidable fate. The services provided in Utah are unlike any other. Since they are very experienced in the sweet tooth department, they can both prevent ‘Sugar Cube Tooth’, and perform emergency surgery to fix them. Do not plan on eating anything sweet without paying a visit for your sugar tooth prevention!

Proof is in the Sweet, Sweet Pudding

Janae Allkins is a victim and survivor of sugar tooth and knows first hand just how bad it can get. “It ruined my life. If it wasn’t for Salt Lake City Emergency Dental, I wouldn’t be alive today. Their emergency surgery is truly breathtaking, and I owe those doctors everything.” Allkins says. Her now 18 year old daughter is brought to tears as they recall the scarring event two years ago, “I could tell something was wrong because she wouldn’t show her teeth when she smiled anymore. More than that, she would wince in pain when she ate or drank anything. It got to the point where I was so worried about her health, that I forced her to see an emergency surgery dentist.” Thanks to those dentists, Janae was able to take her life back and realize just how precious it is. If you or a loved one has or is showing symptoms of ‘Sugar Tooth,’ please click this link to schedule an appointment with the very talented dentists up at Salt Lake City Emergency Dental before it’s too late!


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